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Immature Scarlet Robin

Immature Scarlet Robin, Petroica boodang
(photograph by Gayle Osborne)

Wombat Forestcare is a community group dedicated to protecting and enhancing the natural ecosystems of the Wombat Forest and surrounding areas.

The Wombat Forest contains a diverse range of native plants and animals, including a number that are listed as rare or threatened, such as Powerful Owl and the Wombat Bush Pea. As well as these natural values, the Wombat is a significant water catchment area, giving rise to six rivers.

Wombat Forestcare engages in a range of activities. These have a strong focus on community involvement and education, and include undertaking flora and fauna surveys. We also enjoy the social aspect of a forest group, with picnics and bushwalks for people who love being in the bush.


June newsletter now available

(Added: 2017-06-23)

The June newsletter now available. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks to all of the contributors for helping us put out such a wonderful publication.

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Say No to logging the Wombat Forest

(Added: 2017-06-20)

VicForests is responsible for timber harvesting in western Victoria and a manager has stated that they intend to carry out some small-scale selective logging in ‘mature’ forest in the Wombat for sawlogs.

This is very concerning as only 8% of the area available for harvesting is ‘mature’ forest. Although this does not sound alarming, please look at a recent example of ‘low-intensity’ single tree selection silviculture in the Strathbogie Ranges and the assurances from VicForests pre-logging.


There are a considerable number of commercial firewood coupes, where approximately 40-year-old regrowth is thinned, but it is the proposal for sawlog harvesting that is alarming.

Please write to:

Hon Jaala Pulford Electorate Office Ground floor, 15 Main Road, Ballarat, VIC 3350

The Hon Jaala Pulford is a Legislative Council member for Western Victoria. The Wombat is in Northern Victoria, however she is the Minister for Agriculture (responsible for VicForests) and the Minister for Regional Development.

Here are some points, but the most effective letters will be your perspective on this.

  • The VEAC investigation into the ecological and biodiversity values of the Wombat, Mt Cole, Mt Lonarch, Pyrenees and Wellsford Forests has begun and no new coupes should be included in the Timber Utilisation Plan.
  • The local community fought hard to exclude sawlog harvesting from the forest and a local sawmill was given an ‘exit package’.
  • Re-introduction of any sawlog harvesting will be very unpopular locally.
  • The Wombat Forest is the headwaters of six major river systems.
  • The Wombat Forest has 45 species that are listed as threatened.
  • There will be positives for regional development, should these areas be protected as ‘Parks’.

It would also be good to include a paragraph regarding the Mt Cole/Mt Lonarch/Pyrenees area, which is being logged at a rate of 1,400 cu mts per year. This licence (now due for renewal) should not be extended until the VEAC investigation is completed.

Further information: info@wombatforestcare.org.au

You, Me and Biodiversiy

You, Me, and Biodiversity talk - Saturday 24 June 2017, 1.30 - 3.30pm

(Added: 2017-05-23)

JJess Lawton, PhD candidate, La Trobe University will discuss her project, which focuses on the conservation biology and landscape ecology of the Brush-tailed Phascogale. There is strong evidence that this species is declining in Victoria.

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Caught on Camera - Saturday 25th March 2017

(Added: 2017-03-06)

Join Nature Watch and Wombat Forestcare for this season’s wildlife monitoring with motion sensing cameras.

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VEAC Investigation for Wombat State Forest

Wombat Forestcare welcomes the announcement of the proposed Victorian Environment Assessment Council (VEAC) investigation into western Victorian forests, including the Wombat State Forest.

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Make the Wombat Forest a State Park

Protect it forever

The Wombat State Forest forms a significant part of the only largely intact native vegetation in the central Victorian region and is home to many important flora and fauna species.

The Greater Glider is the largest of the gliding possums. This beautiful, furry creature ranges in colour from brown to grey to cream, pale underneath with a short snout and large ears. The Wombat State Forest is the western extremity of the Greater Glider’s range in Victoria.

Wombat Forestcare is requesting that the State Government initiate a process for the management of the Wombat State Forest that encompasses a mixture of State Park and Community Forest Reserve.

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Motion Camera Project

(Added: 2016-11-08)

Wombat Forestcare has been the recipient of a number of grants over the last few years and we would like to express our appreciation. We are carrying out valuable research using motion-sensing cameras to record fauna species throughout the Wombat Forest.

  • Hepburn Shire Council for a computer and GPS
  • Hepburn Wind for two motion-sensing cameras
  • Trentham Community Bank for one motion-sensing camera
  • The RE Ross Trust for funding for a project supervisor and data manager
  • The Norman Wettenhall Foundation for funding for three motion sensing cameras and spotlighting equipment

Wombat Forestcare wins Victorian environment award

Environment award

Angela Halpin (left) and Gayle Osborne (right) with Amanda Nuttall, President, Environment Victoria

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(Added: 2015-11-02)

Gayle Osborne and Wombat Forestcare Inc. received an award from Environment Victoria for their outstanding contribution to our environment.

“We’ve awarded Gayle Osborne and Wombat Forestcare Inc. for their years of thoughtful and dedicated advocacy for the flora and fauna of Wombat Forest, and for the recent mobilisation of community opposition to a proposed open-cut gold mine that would have seen parts of the forest bulldozed, and the potential pollution of local waterways,” said Environment Victoria CEO Mark Wakeham at the awards ceremony.

The 2015 Community Environment Recognition Award recipients are all leaders in their community, and have led gutsy and persistent grassroots campaigns to protect nature and stand up for the places they love, often with very limited resources.

Mining Licence approved for Shepherd's Flat in the Wombat State Forest

(Added: 2015-06-19)

Despite strong community opposition, Sandy Mining Pty Ltd has been granted a 10-year mining licence, for 53.8 hectares, in the northern section of the Wombat State Forest.

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Media release

Letter to Minister for Planning

More Mining for the Wombat Forest

(Added: 2014-06-16)

Another mining licence (MIN5460) was approved on 3 May 2014 for the Wombat State Forest covering 37 hectares near Spargo Creek. The proposed work program includes hard rock open cut and underground mining and bulk sampling.

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Wombat Forest and Macedon Ranges Fungi Guide

Fungi Guide cover

(Added: 2013-03-18)

The Wombat Forest is a hotspot for the diversity of fungi. Hundreds of species have been documented from the familiar mushroom to the more bizarre forms of those shaped like corals, cups, clubs, jellies, lattice balls and even starfish!

Wombat Forestcare is promoting the importance of this group of organisms through a new guide – ‘Fungi of the Wombat Forest and Macedon Ranges’. The guide has colour photographs of 108 of the more familiar local species as well as information about identification.

To obtain a copy of the guide either send a cheque for $7- to Wombat Forestcare, 715 Little Hampton Road, Glenlyon, 3461 or pay this amount into our bank account Wombat Forestcare Inc, Bendigo Bank, Account no 149488678, BSB 633 108 and email info@wombatforestcare.org.au to say you have done this. Please do not forget to include your postal details.

Fungi Guides are on sale at

  • Paradise Book Shop, 46 Vincent Street, Daylesford
  • Daylesford Visitor Information Centre, 98 Vincent Street, Daylesford
  • Trentham Newsagency, 41 High Street, Trentham
  • Trentham Visitor Information Centre, Victoria Street, Trentham
  • Aesop's Attic Bookshop, 70 High Street, Kyneton

Visit our fungi page for great images of 102 Fungal Species of the Wombat Forest.

Conservation values of the Wombat Forest and Mount Macedon Landscape Zone

(Added: 2011-08-18)

Wombat Forestcare has received funding through The Wilderness Society’s WildCountry Small Grants Program to undertake an assessment of the conservation values of the Wombat Forest and Mount Macedon Landscape Zone.

A draft report has been prepared by Murray Ralph and we are seeking comment and any additional information about species, vegetation and ecological processes which may not have been included.

We would appreciate any comments emailed to Wombat Forestcare by Friday 16 September 2011.

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Appendix 2

Conservation values of the Mt Cole and Pyrenees landscape

Greater Glider

Greater Glider (photo by Gayle Osborne)

(Added: 2010-10-16)

Wombat Forestcare in conjunction with the Wilderness Society, Ballarat Environment Network and Bendigo District Environment Council have released a report ‘that investigates the natural heritage values of the Mount Cole and Pyrenees Range in Victoria’s central-west, and assesses current threats to the area’s wildlife and habitats.

The report was funded by the WildCountry Small Grants Program.

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