Fungi - the hidden forest beneath our feet


Alison Pouliot, Photograher

Alison's intrigue for the natural environment has grown from years of exploring the bush. As a natural history photographer, she fulfils her passion for the environment as well as creatively expressing her impressions through her images.

Alison is fascinated with the design, diversity and connectedness of living things. A background in research ecology has provided her with the ideal framework to seek and understand the subjects of her photography.

Photographic assignments have led Alison to many remote and unique environments, both within Australia and overseas. She regards each invitation to enter and seek the resonance of a place as a singular privilege and challenge; proceeding with awareness, respect and an avid curiosity to document her experiences.

Observing life through a camera lens has brought a sharpness and intensity to her experience of the natural environment. Alison's images are her attempt to reflect and share her wonderment in the diversity of nature.

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