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Juliet Summers' Armchair Activist workshop

Juliet Summers' Armchair Activist talk

Juliet Summers, Online researcher

My early working life was spent using traditional audio visual mediums for community education. By the early 1990's the internet became accessible to the home user and I was an early convert to that virtual world which was to become my new home. It was at this time I lost all interest in traditional forms of audio visual media and became hard core digital.

I have always had a passion for social justice, in particular environmental issues so along the way I gained a degree in Social work. In the late 90's I co-founded software company Young Earth IT which specialises in utilising the internet for social justice. Our client base are all organisations dedicated to bringing an end to family violence and sexual abuse. I am also employed part time by Southern Health as an online project worker running an online cyber outreach service for sexually abused youth. I also lecture in computers at several neighbourhood houses specialising in teaching computer literacy to mature aged and special needs learners.

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Participants in the workshop

Participants in the workshop

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