What makes a healthy waterway


Britt Gregory - Project Officer - Gunbower & Kerang Ramsar Wetlands

Britt is currently working as a project officer for the North Central Catchment Management Authority on the Ramsar listed Gunbower and Kerang Wetlands Enhancement Projects.

In recent years, she has worked as a Waterwatch Facilitator in the region and has introduced many people to the fascinating underwater world of mini-beasts.

How to collect water bugs

To capture macroscopic bugs use a sieve, swimming pool net, or make one with a stocking or netting of some sort around a frame. Swish around quite vigorously in the water in the different micro-habitats, like along the bottom, in mud or gravel, among water plants, along rocks/logs, under overhanging banks etc. It's quite surprising how much can be collected in a short time! Just tip the bugs (along with any other matter collected) into a container or bucket with water. To view them, tip a small amount into a white bottomed tray and use a magnifying glass to see what you've got.

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