Conservation Values of the Mt Cole and Pyrenees Landscape

Wombat Forestcare in conjunction with the Wilderness Society, Ballarat Environment Network and Bendigo District Environment Council have released a new report ‘that investigates the natural heritage values of the Mount Cole and Pyrenees Range in Victoria’s central-west, and assesses current threats to the area’s wildlife and habitats.

The study confirms that the Mount Cole and Pyrenees Range contains high conservation values, but warns that one of Victoria’s hidden natural gems is under threat, due to past mismanagement and neglect. Fifty of the district’s 280 animal species are listed as threatened, and most of the habitat types are endangered or vulnerable to extinction.

The report was funded by the WildCountry Small Grants Program and is the first in a series being prepared for the Central VicBiolink project, which aims to work with local landholders and communities to restore and reconnect the region’s ecosystems and landscapes.

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